May Ecocash please remove the obsolete USSD menu entries?

We continue looking at the bizarre and mind-boggling in this episode as I question some of the products and services offered by our Service Providers.

I try hard at times but still fail to understand whether we have just lost our desire for the ultimate perfection in our product offering or is it that we are so comfortable with what revenue we are getting we simply cannot be bothered to make those “cosmetic” and unnecessary alterations. I love my car, and I am thinking that I would probably upholster the whole car if a stain refused to wash from the backseat. Could I just be comfortable with the car serving its functional purpose of getting me from point A to B? I don’t think so.

So it bothers me, firstly that Ecocash raised the minimum transaction amount to a Dollar and secondly that despite doing so, they still cant be sensitive enough to at least remove the menu option. What is the sense in keeping a dead link?

Lets just respect their business development team and perhaps give them the benefit of the doubt that they have managed to raise the Average Revenue per User by lifting the minimum to a premium. If that’s the case, couldn’t they at least pretend to care about their Buddies and reconfigure their USSD menus accordingly?

How then does the $0.30 daily Whatsapp bundle continue to exist on the menu if you can’t buy it? Selah

Is it an oversight? Is someone sleeping on the job? Does it take so much to sanitize a transaction menu or they just don’t care?

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