Econet Please!! My Bundles expired eons back

Today I woke up to that extremely irritating message from Econet BroadBand. Yes, that very long message that doesn’t fit in one SMS and alerts you twice for the same irrelevant information. Irrelevant in the very true sense that while I could have found this information useful some 3 or so days back when I really needed to be reminded, the message did not come. Instead, i am left wondering which of the numerous bundles I have bought in between has actually lapsed.

Simply put, Why does the bundle clock run on Chronology rather than the Data meter? Isn’t it more useful to tell me I have a few Mbs left a day after I bought a bundle than a week later when the bundles have long since expired? While we are at it, couldn’t that text message just be a little shorter so it fits in one SMS? Perhaps remove the whole message that says “To continue enjoying low tariffs, kindly purchase more bundles on ….. *143#” and replace it with ” Kindly recharge using *143#

In fact could I please have an option to just not receive those messages because they are serving no purpose except depreciate my battery and clog my phone memory.

I don’t know, I’m Just Sayin, this doesn’t make any sense.

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