Review : Zim Banks USSDs Application

I recently wrote an article on Zimswitch where I was berating Zimswitch inability to utilize their advantage as an aggregator and pull all bank wallets together and create a singular platform. It seems I was not the only who saw that opportunity or trying to quench the glaring and absurd inconvenience. I have just come across an interesting application whose function is to simply offer a bundle of USSD codes for Banks and other wallets in the form of a menu. Named Zim Banks USSDs, and Developed by Tinosoft, this is a very simple and straightforward USSD application to bridge the divide.


This application is simply a USSD dialer and nothing more. No doubt, it is serving a specific purpose and answering a particular problem amongst individuals and SME who basically have their businesses in their pocket and briefcases. ZSS could exploit this potential with a full-fledged aggregation solution (We will discuss this soon). The app lists 18 Banks and Wallet accessed through USSD codes in a single menu and all you have to do is touch to connect your bank or wallet.

A key edge of the app is, of course, its function of dialing USSD which in itself counters the usual problem associated with application uptake, that of data costs. Coincidence?


Ease of Use 

Very light (1,3 Mb) and uncomplicated enough to be used by any variety of persons and age groups. It consists of a single menu on the landing page which takes you to the Service Providers application soon as you dial it.


Like most apps developed locally, they lack the support necessary to catapult them to the forefront. The developer will probably end at proving that they can come up with a solution but will find it very difficult to market it, monetize and distribute it. It is not necessarily about the functions of the app as some of the silliest and most irrelevant apps are found in the Play Store.  is not signed by any reputable organizations for security and other risks associated. That means users have to download and utilize it at their own risk.

While the simplicity is an advantage, the app may easily lose relevance by another app coming into play with a more seasoned scope. The same happened with the Ecocash App; one day you have a very useful tool, the next its pulled down in favour of another…..

With usually 2 or 3 accounts, one won’t probably find the need to use the app as after a while they remember the USSD codes anyway. In this case, there is the need for the developers to enrich their value proposition.

One last consideration is the name. One might easily mistake it to refer to ZB Bank’s (formerly Zimbank). The loose use of USSDs not catchy and might do with some pizzaz.


In 5 minutes, this is one of the neatest ideas of 2017 with lots of room for growth. Simple and easy to use. Get it here and give them feedback.



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