Google Drive missed it with “BRIDGED” UNLIMITED Google Photos … Just Saying

I have depended on Google for so long from back in the days of GChat, which was kind of a default company chat; before the “salad” Hangout. Nevertheless, the 15Gig free Drive cloud storage was a matchmaker back then together with the so easy to signup Gmail. It was altogether the new Yahoo! By default, of course, Chrome became the new Internet Explora and Drive became my default backup.

I have been getting this reminder on my laptop that my Drive is about to fill up. I knew of course that my backed up photos were taking up the major chunk and sought after an alternative plan. Trying to use a second google account is tedious as Drive Backup and Sync will keep defaulting to the original account even when you sign in with a new one. This is when I discovered Google Photos’ UNLIMITED storage for High-Resolution photos. I was halfway through a Yippee! before I discovered that it does not work retrospectively.

As ingenious as Google is, they just couldn’t allow me, a faithful customer to migrate my backed photos to the new Google Photos. Naturally, I asked Google and came across a list of articles basically telling me I needed to download my photos first, a whole 13 Gig, then delete the online ones, then upload to Google Photos. Now, I am considering my $29 25Gig ZOL data and thinking I’d rather not. Anyways, there is no way in ICT where a company like Google can make such an anti-seamless product combination especially when there are so many alternatives.  So there goes my respect for ABC, i can only be so loyal to your Drive. I will still default to Chrome and Android for now.

A little more Googling and I am migrating to this new thing called Flickr that offers free Photo Sharing and storage of up to 1Terabyte. I could try Picasa and default to a new Google account but hey why bother. This is as best a time as any to explore new alternatives in the ever-evolving Tech space. Will let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, I am open to suggestions.

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