Bonjour idée Startup of the Year Africa Competition 2018


From back in my TechZim days, I have always been critical of budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in general particularly because of the types of solutions offered in Zimbabwe.  My most “punishing” thoughts were that as start-ups we have to start thinking towards a global market, not just Zimbabwe. A good idea is not good enough simply because you get to script the most superb algorithm. Like i always say, its not an undergrad assignment, its real life. But i digress, I will dwell on this topic later.

While Zimbabwe is a good market for IT solutions, raw and untamed; to succeed as a business offering solutions one has to engage in the Olympic gymnastics required. The World Bank ranks Zimbabwe 161 of 190 countries on the 2017 Ease of doing business index. Subsequently the government through its infamous ZIMASSET tries to tackle this challenge by a raft of measures which are in themselves stalled by a myriad of dependents; most of which have to do with aligning various departmental procedures and processes to current legislation. See the ZIMASSET Ease of doing business recommendations here.

The Bonjour idée Startup of the Year Africa Competition 2018 offers a platform like any other Hubs, Incubators, Angel Cos and so on. If you can make it here then you most probably can make it anywhere.

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